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The Beginning of Familyinn and Our Vision

Familyinn's representative, Sugimoto, was born and raised in Tokyo. After entering university, he chose to drop out and start his own business, prioritizing the pursuit of what he loves and the realization of his ideal world over career advancement, income, and academic credentials. Despite opposition to this path, he left home at 21 and, with the support of many, was able to launch Familyinn.

The inspiration for creating Familyinn originated from his sense of discomfort with Tokyo's lifestyle. For instance, when someone collapses in front of you, do you stop to help, or do you ignore them and walk away? From his five years of traveling around rural Japan from ages 21 to 26, he found that in rural areas, people are much more likely to offer help to those in need.

In the city, he felt that people's daily interactions were too little and there were fewer opportunities to assist those in need. In contrast, the rural areas had a strong spirit of mutual help, and through experiencing the local culture and history, he realized the importance of human compassion and empathy. His experiences of interacting with communities and nature nurtured his sensitivity, leading to his desire to create Familyinn, aiming to build a society where people help those in need without expecting anything in return.

He believes that having both social and emotional indicators, IQ and EQ, makes a person strong. Cities and rural areas have mutual support relationship, and both are attractive. He believes that by complementing each other and leveraging their strengths, more people can lead fulfilling lives. He encourages everyone to experience various things through Familyinn, hoping that it brings positive changes in their perspectives on life. Thank you very much for reading!

Familyinn representative Tomoya Sugimoto

A big international family in a collaborating society A big international family in a collaborating society

To enable all vulnerable individuals who seek a rich life to realize their ideal lifestyle, we will establish a collaborating society system supported by a big international family and pass it on to the world and future generations.

MissionEmbrace a Life Filled with Love

By joining local communities and integrating into diverse, loving ways of living, we build relationships and nurture sensitivity. Additionally, through experiences rich in nature, we provide opportunities to uplift the heart and cultivate emotional sensitivity.


  • 杉本の写真

    Tomoya Sugimoto


    Tired of living in Tokyo, leapt into rural homes nationwide, and realized the ideal way of life by living with friends. Studied a wide range of subjects, including sociology, to pave the way for Japan's revival.

  • 小野の写真

    Ryota Ono


    Created dozens of websites and is responsible for developing web systems, capable of both front-end and back-end development. Regularly stays in Southeast Asia, appreciating the value of a slow life.

  • Vivi


    23 years of experience in Japanese-Chinese interpreting and translation. Mainly engaged in Taiwanese inbound tourism in Gunma, attracting and attending to Taiwanese tourists (FIT) for municipalities and chambers of commerce. (Hosted 60 guests at a former elementary school accommodation) Currently operating a guest house and children's summer camp in Sado.

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Familyinn Inc.


Kamitakaido, Suginami-ku, Tokyo




January 10, 2019