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At Familyinn, we invite welcoming and community oriented rural and local homes to provide homestays.
By sharing beforehand the "local characteristics" and "what guests can do" with each other, we aim for a better life.
Accepting long-term homestays bring fresh perspectives to the community, pass on wisdom and culture, and create new prospects.
We value a WIN-WIN-WIN relationship where guests, hosts, and the community all benefit.

Six Characteristics

    A life of vibrant interactions

    Deep cultural exchange through local life to promote the liveliness of the region

    Reduction of labor shortages

    Long-term stays help reducing labor shortages not only within the home but also in the community.

    Family bonding experiences

    Long-term stays help reducing labor shortages not only within the home but also in the community.

    Flexible meal provision

    Hosts can adjust their meal provisions according to their own lifestyle, and help accommodate without any burden.

    Flexible acceptance period and duration

    Acceptance is available except in winter, with flexible periods starting from two weeks.

    Earn extra income

    For one week, the average additional earning per person is 40,000 yen.

Conditions for Becoming a Host

  • 1

    Living in a rural or local area and can do cohabitation

    (※Separate locations are possible as long as they are in the same area)

  • 2

    Having opportunities to enjoy meals together

  • 3

    Having local interactions

    (※Engaging in activities such as agriculture, fishing, dairy farming, or local industries that involve interactions with local residents)

  • 4

    Don't treat guests as labor

How are the guests

  • Family in Their 30s


    Family with children. In their 30s. Living in Tokyo. Homestay of one week with two elementary school children.

    Purpose of participating in homestay

    The eldest daughter who is a elementary school student, loves nature and insects, so we want her to have many nature experiences. The younger daughter loves people and we hope she can enjoy being surrounded by many people. It would be great if the children of the host family could get along with our children.


    For our energetic son, taking care of animals, walking, climbing mountains, and harvesting Jerusalem artichokes were all very enjoyable experiences. The host was very kind to our talkative son, and I learned a lot myself.

  • University Students in Their 20s


    University junior, 21 years old, living in Tokyo. First rural life experience with a one-month homestay. Likes overseas travel and speaks English. Curious and eager to help and experience.

    Purpose of participating in homestay

    Purpose of Participation: Hoping to experience rural life surrounded by mountains while interacting with local people. Likes talking to people and wants to broaden their horizons through volunteer work and interacting with local residents.


    Despite being shy at first, I adapted to the lifestyle. I learned many things such as sturdiness, the spirit of mutual help, the mental ease brought by narural surrounding, and the slow flow of time.

  • Taiwanese University Students in Their 20s


    Taiwanese. Six-month exchange student at Fukui University. Likes nature and cycling.

    Purpose of participating in homestay

    Purpose of Participation: During the exchange period, I took classes with other international students and lived in the dormitory, but had few opportunities to communicate with Japanese people. I love nature and wanted to experience the life of a Japanese family. I decided to use Familyinn to create more memories at the end of my exchange.


    Even unknown neighbors greeted me warmly. Although our backgrounds and languages were different, the people I met were eager to understand me. I am grateful for the enthusiasm and kindness of everyone I met during my stay. It was an unforgettable nine days!

  • Working Adults in Their 20s


    Living in Kanagawa, hobbies include traveling, drinking with people, and hot springs.

    Purpose of participating in homestay

    Wanting to communicate with people who I wouldn't meet during my regular office work, and to broaden my perspectives and worldview.


    My self-confidence and self-efficacy greatly increased. I am really glad I went there. If someone feels stuck in life, I highly recommend traveling at least once!

How are the Hosts

  • Community Builder in Their 20s
    Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture
    Opened a lodging in 2020 in Tsuda Town, only 10 minutes walk from the Seto Inland Sea, serving as town information center.

  • Rural and Farmer in Their 40s
    Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture
    Skilled in repairing and building old machinery, houses, and huts. The wife is good at growing vegetables and seasonal foods.

  • Open Family in Their 30s
    Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
    Couple who lived in Fiji for two years as JICA overseas cooperation volunteers. Create opportunities for natural interactions with local people as they regularly hold international exchange events, painting classes, and even markets taking place on teh 1st floor of their shared space.

  • Six-Person Family in Their 30s
    Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture
    A family of six with four children. Involved in early childhood education for nine years. Children are very active. For parents and families, children can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities freely. They can do DIY, bonfires, and farm work.

Safety and Security Reasons

  • Identity verification and interviews

    All guests must undergo identity verification, with optional interviews.

  • Prepayment

    Before the start of the cohabitation, the management will hold the money to prevent from any financial issues.

  • 24-hour support

    The operation team provides support and consultation via LINE 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Choice of guests

    The host decides whether to accept or not the guest after viewing their "profiles and reasons for wanting to stay".

Usage fee

    Initial cost

    Publication fee

    Annual renewal fee

    Website maintenance fee


The fee is deducted only when a match is made.

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat kind of guests use Familyinn?

AFamilyinn guests include 50% families with children, 30% university students in their 20s, 10% working adults in their 20s, and 10% foreigners fluent in Japanese. They most often use the service for a solo trip, during long holidays. The average stay duration is about one week. The number of women is a bit more common, with 60% for women and 40% for men.

QCan I consult regarding the writing and other contents when creating the host site page?

AYes, you can consult via chat but also through phone calls. We can provide necessary information and important key points according to guests needs.

QHow can I edit the profile on the host site?

AYou can easily change photos and text by informing us of your request through the official LINE.

QIf I accept two friends at the same time, will the fees change?

AIf the indicated fee is for one two people, they can stay in the same room.
Otherwise, if the indicated fee is for one person only, each person will have their own room. However, if both the host and the guests agree, flexible arrangements such as same-room or separate-room can be made.


  • 01

    Add Official LINE

    Register LINE from here.

  • 02

    Register House

    Fill out the registration form and upload images. After passing the management review, the pubication will appear on the website.

  • 03

    Receive Requests

    Review guest requests and choose to approve or deny them.

  • 04

    Third-party Meeting (Optional)

    After approval, if desired, a third-party (host, guest, management) meeting can be held to discuss detailed questions.

  • 05

    Start Homestay

    Start an exciting life!

  • 06

    Reward money

    The reward money will be transferred by the management on the 1st of the month following the end of the stay.

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