“Co-Creative” guesthouse, a digital hybrid, slightly luxurious living experience that can be enjoyed in a moderate rural area.

Kurosakimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa-ken
4-5 days

Local Characteristics

Kaga City in Ishikawa Prefecture has prospered under the Kaga Hyakumangoku Clan established by the Maeda Clan as a city of trade Kitamae fishing boats and hot spring tourism. The city has a beautiful traditional townscape with distinctive red-tiled roofs and is surrounded by nature in the satoyama and sea. Kutani pottery, indigo dyeing, and traditional wood craftworking are existent all close, and the Hashidate fishing port, the foundation of Ishikawa’s food culture, delivers fresh seafood. The area is a fascinating mix of industry and digital technology that attracts unique people and businesses.


While everyone is looking for hints on how to work and]live in their way, remote work and multi-location living have become common starting with Covid. There is a strong demand for people to give meaning to what it means to liveandwork in a particular area. Through the provision of guesthouses and shared houses, we aim to create a comfortable place where people, goods, and things always intermingle, and to create value for local industriesandhuman resources.

3 Key Points

1Host’s introduction

Designer with multiple locations in Tokyo and Ishikawa Prefecture. While working as a design manager for a major company, he is also an ethical worker who trains local DX and digital human resources.
Involved in organizational design, business design, hiring, and member training for many startup companies. 2013, opened a Guest House utilizing an old private house and farmland left by his grandfather in Kaga City. He has developed a work plan that can be easily used by inbound travelers and digital nomads. He became a Local Host Leader for Airbnb, where he is involved in promoting immigration and job creation through local staycations.

2You can interact with people like this!

Since the owner is involved in the local DX as a designer, the program allows diverse interactions through local businesses, from experiencing primary industries (agriculture, fishing, and forestry) to creating websites and SNS/video production. You may acquire practical digital skills and knowledge while interacting with leading experts in their fields, and expand your network of contacts.

3You can experience like this!

(1) Host experience utilizing vacant houses in the community. Management of users as a manager of a share house or a representative of the facility. Coordinate the stay experience of guests visiting the community through event planning and management. Through this experience, students will gain an understanding of local culture, planning, and design skills, and presentation skills.
(2) Half Farming Style Workshop and PR Experience Planning and operation of smart farming and DIY experience and workshop events utilizing rechargeable gardening tools. In addition, participants can learn about design and engineering in a hybrid format through video production and the operation of promotional websites and social networking services.
(3) Renovation of old private houses and management of herb farms The program aims to turn idle land into a voluntary resource through the self-renovation of old private houses and cultivation of herbs, utilizing land and properties owned by the company.

Time Spent with the Host

Morning Breakfast Late Morning Lunch Afternoon Evening Dinner Free Time

Morning: 6:00-8:00 Late Morning: 10:00-12:00 Afternoon: 13:00-17:00 Evening: 17:00-19:00


(1)Students who want to challenge various areas (agriculture/digital) to think about for their future.
(2)People who love DIY and are interested in the business through that experience.
(3)Families who want to raise their children in an area rich in nature and who would like to live in the community on a trial basis.

Detailed Information


Kurosakimachi, Kaga-shi, Ishikawa-ken

Features of the Area

Rural area, fishing village, residential area, the guest house is located in a coastal mountain village area, the share house is in a residential area near hot springs, Chubu region, near mountains, near the sea, quiet, near hot springs


【Nearest airport】
Komatsu Airport

・10 minutes drive from Kaga Onsen Station, 20 minutes drive from Komatsu Airport
・Less than 10 minutes drive to Yamashiro Onsen Hot Spring and Katayamazu Onsen Hot Spring
・5 minutes by car to convenience stores and supermarkets
・Surrounded by nature with Satoyama and the satoumi sea.
・There is a shared house in the same family as the guest house on the side of Yamashiro Onsen spa resort, so it is available.
・Co-working space available 5 minutes away by car
*If you have a driver's license, electric kick boards and shared cars are available for rent.

Languages and Proficiency

English: Beginner

Fee (per person)
※One month is 30 days

【private room】
~2 weeks: 5,280 yen/night
~3 weeks: 4,620 yen/night
~4 weeks: 4,360 yen/night
1 month: 105,600 yen

Extra Charge

Half price for pre-elementary schoolers.

Possible Admission Time



We are generally available.
*However, the host may have urgent matters, so please feel free to request and confirm the dates.

Possible Admission Period

4-5 days

Food Expenses

Not included
Free for rice, free for vegetables, and fish given by neighbors.

Food Arrangements

Morning create together
Lunch create together
Dinner create together

Available Facilities


kitchen (seperated)








washing machine




bicycle parking



Other Facilities

DIY space, camping gear

Suitable Guests

average male

average famale

male student

female student

male highschooler

female highschooler


single mother

singler father


Recommended Transportations

A car is required in the winter for shopping, etc.; electric kickboards and bicycles are recommended in the neighborhood.

House Rules


Having friends over, Staying out or coming home late at night, Hosting Friends, Outdoor Smoking


Accepting Pets, Indoor Smoking


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q

    Are there any part-time jobs you can introduce?


    Fish processing in the seafood industry, making dried products
    Managing seasonal fruits in an orchard
    Web design
    Social media management, video creation (assistant)
    Garden helper (pruning and maintenance)
    Event staff
    Cafe staff
    Local tour guide


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