[Integrate city& rural] living with fresh fruits and fish in the deep history town of Wakayama

Wakaura Higashi,Wakayama-shi, Wakayama-ken
2-3 days

Local Characteristics

Wakaura has a very deep history and has long been a popular summer resort and tourist destination. Wakaura offers not only scenery, but also historical sightseeing with its various temples, castles, and gardens. In addition, although it is not well known, Wakayama produces a wide variety of fruits, so that it is called the fruit kingdom, and it is said that all fruits eaten in Japan can be obtained from Wakayama Prefecture.


We moved from Tokyo to an old Japanese-style house in Wakayama with the vision of “a house where people gather”. Coincidentally, this old house, which we will be using for everyone, used to host many lodgers and many different kinds of people about 60 years ago. For meals, we buy fish directly from the fishing port and as much local vegetables as possible from the produce market, and we try to make our meals clean, locally produced and consumed.

3 Key Points

1Host’s introduction

We moved to Wakayama in 2020 with our three family members and fulfilling our life here. Since both husband and wife are freelancers, we often work at home using the computer. We noticed the importance of the “community” so we also launched Immigrant Community. We work with the motto “People are gathered in a happy place”, so basically we have a lot of positive conversations. We have a little daughter maybe it going to be fun who likes kids.

2You can interact with people like this!

You can interact with people who came to the rural of their own. And we can introduce you to the owner of the Guest House who is close to us.

3You can experience like this!

We managed immigrant interactions so you can experience planning and operations if it’s good timing. Of course, you can also communicate with other participants so that able to hear a lot of stories from them. We also live with poultry, so you can feed them and experience the harvesting of freshly laid eggs. We are so glad you have fun with our five-year-old daughter. We may ask who likes to do DIY to make our house more comfortable.

Typical One-Week Stay

Day 1: Taking care of chickens, collecting eggs, relaxing (reading in a traditional house, relaxing at the beach, visiting a nearby café, etc.)
Day 2: Exploring the Japan Heritage "Treasury of Scenic Beauty, Wakanoura" (guided tour)
Day 3: Hiking in nearby mountains, swimming at the beach, shellfish gathering, tide pool exploring, collecting shells
Day 4: Free day (many people visit World Heritage Site Koyasan or Adventure World with pandas)
Day 5: DIY projects together, buying fresh fish at a nearby fishing port and learning to prepare the fish
Day 6: If there are events, please help out (e.g., newcomer meet-ups, breakfast gatherings, sweet potato digging excursions, etc.)

Typical Daily Schedule of a Host

Both of us are freelancers,
so while we work on weekdays, our schedules are quite flexible.

Time Spent with the Host

Morning Breakfast Late Morning Lunch Afternoon Evening Dinner Free Time
Weekdays × × ×

Morning: 6:00-8:00 Late Morning: 10:00-12:00 Afternoon: 13:00-17:00 Evening: 17:00-19:00


I think we have not had that many hardships throughout living in integrated city and rural areas. You might have free time during weekdays because that events basically will be held on the weekend. We would like to take you to stroll around and guide you to the city together. We are both freelancers so maybe we can give you some advice for those thinking about independence or start-up.

Detailed Information


Wakaura Higashi,Wakayama-shi, Wakayama-ken

Features of the Area

Residential area, Kinki region, male and female owners (couple, etc.), young people present, children present, suitable for men, suitable for women, suitable for students, near mountains, near the sea, lively


Nearest airport:Kansai International Airport
Nearest station; 25 minutes by bus
Bus stop; 3 minute on foot


Convenience store; 10 minutes by bicycle
Super Market; 10 minutes by bicycle
Beach; 10 minutes by car
Sightseeing spot; we can go around on foot
*We can pick-up and drop-off to the nearest station by car.

Shuttle Service


Languages and Proficiency

English: Beginner

Fee (per person)
※One month is 30 days

【12-tatami mat private room】
7,920 yen/night

Extra Charge

Half price for elementary school children and belo

Possible Admission Time



We are generally available.
*However, the host may have urgent matters, so please feel free to request and confirm the dates.

Possible Admission Period

2-3 days

Food Expenses

Included (provided by the host or made together)
*Dinner is provided, but it would be helpful if you could assist.

Food Arrangements

Morning provided by the host
Lunch each person
Dinner create together

Available Facilities


kitchen (together)








washing machine




bicycle parking



Suitable Guests

average male

average famale

male student

female student

male highschooler

female highschooler


single mother

singler father


Rentable Transportations



Recommended Transportations

You can go Convenience store and Super market on foot but little far, so you can lend our bicycle and Electric Kickboard. We can go together of we match our time.

House Rules


Having friends over, Staying out or coming home late at night, Hosting Friends


Indoor Smoking, Outdoor Smoking



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