[Petit-Migrate]Adult and Kids! The house where can feel seasonal nature directly!

Aramata Oguni-machi, Nishiokitama-gun, Yamagata-ken
1-2 days~

Local Characteristics

The town’s area is the second largest in Yamagata! Located between the Iide and Asahi mountain ranges, 95% of the town area is rich in nature with beech and oak trees. It is called “White Forest” because of the deep snow and white beech trees. It is a region of heavy snowfall, and the snow that falls on the land creates a variety of life in nature. Rice, wild vegetables, mushrooms, char, nuts, and many more can be harvested. Oguni Town is also famous as the “village of matagi,” a term used to describe the town where the “matagi culture” is still passed down from generation to generation. Oguni Town is a town rich in nature and full of charm, where people have the wisdom to create what they don’t have because of its inconvenient location and heavy snowfall.


I love this town so much that I purposely chose to move deep into the mountains. We want people to experience its charm through our lives. And both husband and wife want to “learn the power of life! and both adults and children play, learn, and live together in a place rich in nature. We would like to cherish the relationships that we have found in our petit immigration, and to live comfortably with each other.

3 Key Points

1Host’s introduction

A couple in their 30s from Chiba Prefecture
Wife: Former nursery school teacher and mother of four. Enjoys reading aloud, drawing, origami, and singing. She processes and sells natural products on an e-commerce site. In her 30s, she experienced cancer and learned the importance of diet and health.
Husband: Currently working hard as a matagi (traditional hunter), charcoal burner, seasonal part-time worker, and in mountain-related jobs! He loves alcohol, is shy, but is an honest man.
Twin daughters: Love drawing and riding bicycles, have started elementary school, and are challenging various things. They enjoy playing with older kids as it provides stimulation.
Eldest son: A cuddly boy with a charming smile. Loves Pokémon and is a fan of video games.
Youngest son: Raised with much affection from many people.
Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog, a friendly dog who loves humans and snow. Still a puppy, learning how to interact with people.
This lively family lives a bustling life!

2You can interact with people like this!

You can have casual conversations with local residents, interact with various people in the immigrant community, play with local children, listen to your grandmother's old stories, and be introduced to people from various backgrounds in the town.

3You can experience like this!

●Spring: Cherry blossom viewing, planting, gathering wild vegetables, picking mugwort.
●Summer: Playing in the river, visiting waterfalls, harvesting fields, playing with insects, BBQ, playing with water in the garden.
●Autumn: Potato stew party, picking walnuts, having lunch at Ginkgo square
●Winter: Playing in the snow, snow removal, wakasagi fishing, skiing, snowboarding.
●All year around: Few cars come by so you can freely play in front of the house You can play freely in front of the house as much as you want! There is a river 5 minutes walk from the house! You can sometimes see foxes, raccoons, monkeys, and bears around the house. We are renovating the house by ourselves, you can also experience DIY. You can enjoy our handmade miso and umeboshi (pickled plums) that my husband and I make together. I can take you to a hot spring nearby. I can take you to a nearby hot spring if you want!

Typical One-Week Stay

For a one-week stay, about 4 days will be attended.
【Relaxing Course】
【Enjoy Together Course】
Grass cutting experience
River play
Snow play
and more
Please refer to the annual schedule.

Typical Daily Schedule of a Host

【Weekdays & Weekends】
7:00: Breakfast
9:00-12:00: Work
12:00-13:30: Lunch
13:30-16:00: Work
17:30-: Bath
18:00-20:00: Dinner
21:00: Bedtime

Time Spent with the Host

Morning Breakfast Late Morning Lunch Afternoon Evening Dinner Free Time
Weekdays × × × ×
Weekends × ×

Morning: 6:00-8:00 Late Morning: 10:00-12:00 Afternoon: 13:00-17:00 Evening: 17:00-19:00


People who are thinking about moving to the countryside (I can talk about my migration experiences)
・People who like nature
・People who don't mind or like insects
・People who like children
・People who like dogs (we keep dogs outside)
・People who like DIY
・People who like to be lively
・People who like to be around people
・People who want their children to experience life in nature
・Moms People who want to have another mom,lol
・People who want a second home We live in an old house and have the harshness of nature in terms of heat and cold. We live in harmony with insects and other living creatures. We live in our own way in our old way. The bathtub does not have an overturner and the bathtub is a little rough. It is inconvenient to go to a convenience store without a car, but it is quiet and the stars are beautiful. There are children in the house, so the place is a bit messy, but we welcome those who don't mind and are willing to clean it together! We welcome those who can communicate with us through apps if you are from other place or countries:)

Annual Schedule


Build physical strength in preparation for spring, hunting (bear hunting) ※ Experience not available


Farming, foraging for mountain vegetables, mountain burning, bear festival, Children's Day celebration


River play, picking mugwort, gathering royal fern, gathering bracken


River play, picking mugwort, gathering royal fern, gathering bracken, birthday party for the daughters


Picking mugwort, harvesting summer vegetables, ※ Likely no river play due to the appearance of white-eyes


Rice harvesting experience, DIY, water play, mushroom foraging


Rice harvesting experience, watching the local sports festival, sweet potato digging, taro stew party, Moon Viewing Festival


Picnic at the ginkgo plaza, jump rope competition at home


Christmas party, wife and dog’s birthday party, New Year’s Eve soba making, playing in the snow


New Year's celebration, playing in the snow, snow removal


Birthday party for eldest and youngest sons, playing in the snow, snow removal


Husband’s birthday party, playing in the snow, snow removal

Detailed Information


Aramata Oguni-machi, Nishiokitama-gun, Yamagata-ken

Features of the Area

Remote Area, Mountainous Area, Settlement, Rural Village


If you're coming from the metropolitan area, you can take the Shinkansen to Yonezawa Station, and from there, take a bus to Oguni Station. (Although there is no need to transfer, the bus stops at bus stops, so it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to the nearest station)


Since we have a baby, we ask you to use the bus when going out of town.
We can provide recommendations for spots to visit, but it might be difficult to accompany you. We want to interact with our guests as much as possible, so please consult with us.
We have one bicycle available for rent. On weekends, you can leisurely enjoy farming, river play, and snow play around the house. Feel free to enjoy a walk at your leisure.

Shuttle Service

Available. Up to 3 people. Currently, the nearest station, Oguni Station, is out of service due to damage from the heavy rain disaster in August 2022. While the train is not running, there is a substitute bus service for the Yonesaka Line, so please use that bus.

Languages and Proficiency

English : Beginner

Fee (per person)
※One month is 30 days

~2 weeks: 11,220 yen/night

Extra Charge

Children under three years old (0, 1, 2 years): Free. Preschool children (3, 4, 5 years): 6,600 yen. Heating fee from November to April is 600 yen per night.

Possible Admission Time



We are generally available.
*However, the host may have urgent matters, so please feel free to request and confirm the dates.

Possible Admission Period

1-2 days~

Food Expenses

*Please help clean up, etc.

Food Arrangements

Morning provided by the host
Lunch provided by the host
Dinner provided by the host

Available Facilities


kitchen (together)








washing machine




bicycle parking




air conditioning in the room




environment for remote work

Other Facilities

Ski wear is available for rent depending on size.

Suitable Guests

average famale

male student

female student

male highschooler

female highschooler


single mother


Rentable Transportations



Recommended Transportations

Stay out or come home late at night, Hosting friends over, Accept the pets, Outside and Inside smoking.

House Rules


Having friends over


Staying out or coming home late at night, Hosting Friends, Accepting Pets, Indoor Smoking, Outdoor Smoking



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