[Sharing-Raising-Kids]International Opened-Community-House where 0 to 120 years-old visits.

Motomachi,Suita-shi, Osaka-fu
4-5 days

Local Characteristics

Although only 9 minutes from Osaka Station and 4 minutes from Shin-Osaka Station by train, the JR Suita Station area retains a downtown-like atmosphere. The area was once called “Suita Village,” and many historical and cultural places remain. There are six shopping streets within walking distance, and you can talk to local grandmothers just by walking around. This is a very attractive area for those who enjoy communicating with people.


We cherish being a place where everyone, from students, office workers,couples, families, kids, the elderly, to travelers and foreigners, ranging from 0 to 120 years old, can casually drop by. 【Reducing ‘Solo Parenting’】 Isolated parenting can lead to child abuse. I was one of the victims. I want to reduce the number of people like my mother, who had no one to rely on, and children like me. This includes mothers who are just after giving birth. 【Enjoying Childcare and One’s Own Life】 To create a society where children can have hope, the adults around them need to be happy first. I want to increase the number of people who don’t give up on what they want to do because of childcare, and who enjoy their own lives along with childcare. 【Opportunities to Learn About Childcare Before Marriage】 Honestly, you don’t really understand how difficult parenting is until you have a child. But once you have a child, there’s no turning back. If there was an opportunity to experience childcare beforehand, it would be helpful in thinking about the future. 【As a Place for Children】 I myself was saved by a ‘third place’ when I felt uncomfortable at school and home. I hope this house can be a shelter like the one that saved me. Adults other than parents and teachers are waiting here. 【Exposure to Diverse Values and the World】 Being exposed to different differences and values makes people kinder. Fun and interesting encounters expand our world. Our home can be the starting point for changing tomorrow’s self.

3 Key Points

1Host’s introduction

Husband, Hide, an elite in the non-attending world who short-circuited all 9 years of compulsory education in elementary and middle school. Took one year of male maternity leave. Paper childcare worker. Company employee of a major company. Wife, Mary, a former traveler who has circumnavigated Japan and the world. Created a de facto marriage contract for a married couple. Currently providing 1% of her salary as a scholarship. First son Sui was born in June 2022 after 51 hours and 37 minutes of labor. 1 year old and has visited 16 countries. His first trip abroad was to Turkey. He likes cool people and bearded men, and hates rumba.

2You can interact with people like this!

You can play with my 1 year old as much as I want. I have a husband with top-class child-rearing skills in Japan. Wife who is very active, traveling around the world and building a shared house. And we accept families for short or long term stays, so you can meet many different kinds of families. Three times a week, we open the living room of our house as a community café, so we can meet people from a wide range of professions and ages in the community. In addition, we are always welcoming guests from all over the world, so we can open our door to international exchange whenever we feel like it.

3You can experience like this!

[For those of you who want to improve your child-rearing skills]
Even before marriage, pregnancy, or childbirth, there are always kids and families in our home! You can learn "what is child-rearing" and "what is the hardest part of child-rearing" without having children. You can learn "what is child-rearing" and "what is the hardest part of child-rearing?
[For those of you who have doubts about living in a nuclear family,]
we offer a variety of courses that will not only help you avoid one-parent families and reduce the burden of childcare, but also help you learn "how not to give up what you want to do because of childcare" and "how to enjoy your life while raising children.
[How can I enjoy my life while raising my child? How can I enjoy my life while raising my children?]
I am a lost child myself, but I have been living in a shared house and living with my family three times a week. But I am sure that I will find something in the shared house, the livelihood opening café held three times a week in the living room, and the management of events...!

Typical One-Week Stay

Free during the day (many people go sightseeing in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, or Wakayama)
6 PM: Dinner together

"Sumibiraki" event at our home. Chat with local people, learn sign language, play Hyakunin Isshu.

Free during the day (many people go sightseeing in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, or Wakayama)
6 PM: Dinner together

"Sumibiraki" event at our home. Chat with local people, learn sign language, play Hyakunin Isshu.

Free during the day (many people go sightseeing in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, or Wakayama)
6 PM: Dinner together

Free during the day (many people go sightseeing in Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, or Wakayama)
6 PM: Dinner together

"Sumibiraki" event at our home. Participate in international exchange, workshops, and children's cafeteria with local people.

Typical Daily Schedule of a Host

【Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday】
7:00: Wake up
7:00–9:00: Morning preparations, breakfast, play with children
9:00–10:00: Cleaning
10:00–16:00: Open café
16:00–18:00: Play with children
18:00–20:00: Dinner, bath
20:00–21:00: Play with children
21:00: Bedtime

【Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday】
7:00: Wake up
7:00–9:00: Morning preparations, breakfast, play with children
9:00–10:00: Cleaning
10:00–18:00: Work from home
18:00–20:00: Dinner, bath
20:00–21:00: Play with children
21:00: Bedtime
※Available times vary by day of the week.

Time Spent with the Host

Morning Breakfast Late Morning Lunch Afternoon Evening Dinner Free Time
Weekdays × ×
Weekends × × × ×

Morning: 6:00-8:00 Late Morning: 10:00-12:00 Afternoon: 13:00-17:00 Evening: 17:00-19:00


【For those raising children】
・Those who feel the limit of solo parenting
・Those who want to reduce the burden of solo parenting while their husband is on a business trip
・Those who want to increase opportunities for their children to play with other kids
・Those who want their children to naturally learn English while playing with overseas kids
・Those who want their children to be exposed to diverse values
・Those who want to raise their children in a community setting

【For those starting to raise children】
・Those who do not plan to return to their parents' home for childbirth, whose husband is busy, and are feeling anxious postpartum
・Those who are anxious about postpartum depression
・Those who want to take a break from housework and childcare one month after childbirth

【For those interested in childcare】
・Those who frankly don't like kids
・Those who don't know how to interact with kids
・Those who want to know the realities of childcare
・Those who want to improve their parenting skills in advance for when the time comes

【For those interested in global education】
・Those who want to increase opportunities to use the English they have learned
・Those who want to be exposed to diverse values

Detailed Information


Motomachi,Suita-shi, Osaka-fu

Features of the Area

Residential Area, Shopping Street


Nearest airport:Kansai International Airport

5 minutes on foot from JR Suita Station. JR Suita Station is a 9-minute train ride from JR Osaka Station, and a 4-minute train ride from JR Shin-Osaka Station, where the Shinkansen bullet train runs. Hankyu Suita Station is also accessible in 7 minutes on foot.


There are 3 supermarkets and 2 convenience stores within 5 minutes walking distance. The commercial supermarket is the cheapest. There is also an AEON with an accompanying specialty store area, so basic shopping is not a problem. There are also several cafes where you can work. (We also have three desk spaces in our house, so remote work is possible.) There are several parks within walking distance that are rich in nature and are recommended for refreshment.

Shuttle Service


Languages and Proficiency

English : Intermediate. Spanish : Beginner

Fee (per person)
※One month is 30 days

〜2 weeks 5,280 yen/day
〜3 weeks 4,620 yen/day
〜4 weeks 4,230 yen/day
1 month: 118,800 yen

Extra Charge

Free for pre-elementary schoolers. Half price for under 18 year old. Regular fee for 18 years old and older.

Possible Admission Time



We are generally available.
*However, the host may have urgent matters, so please feel free to request and confirm the dates.

Possible Admission Period

4-5 days

Food Expenses

Included(Dinner only)

Food Arrangements

Morning each person
Lunch each person
Dinner provided by the host

Available Facilities


kitchen (together)








washing machine




bicycle parking




air conditioning in the room




environment for remote work

Suitable Guests

average male

average famale

male student

female student

male highschooler

female highschooler


single mother

singler father


Rentable Transportations



Recommended Transportations

We recommend that you come by public transportation, as the area is comfortable even without a car! If you come by car, parking will cost 800 yen per day or 16,000 yen per month (if available).

House Rules


Having friends over, Staying out or coming home late at night, Hosting Friends, Accepting Pets


Indoor Smoking, Outdoor Smoking



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